Reduce Capital Gains Taxes Using the IDEAL Investment™ In An Opportunity Zone


Canoga Park, CA

Multi Family

National City, CA

Shopping Center

San Pedro, CA

Development Site

N. Hollywood, CA


Antioch, CA

Shopping Center


A qualified Opportunity Fund intends to invest at least 90% of its holdings in Qualified Opportunity Zones. There are more than 8700 Opportunity Zones in 50 states.


There are three types of investments in the Opportunity Zone program:


  • Property such as real estate located within a qualified Opportunity Zone

  • Partnership interests in businesses that operate in a qualified Opportunity Zone

  • Stock ownership in businesses that conduct most or all of their operations within a qualified Opportunity Zone.


We have a history of embracing investment options that offer the IDEAL Investment™. Real Estate investments within Opportunity Zones can provide advantages not available to other real estate investments. 


Those who invest for at least 10 years can defer and reduce their current capital gains tax liability, and also receive zero federal capital gains tax liability by investing in qualified Opportunity Funds. Investors receive tax deferral benefits immediately at the beginning of their investment, and after 10 years, the permanent exclusion from federal taxes on profits from the sale of their Opportunity Fund investment.



Qualified Opportunity Fund

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